DECEMBER POLL: Shane Black Christmas Vs. Christmas Horror

For our second public poll on We Love to Watch, we're reaching out to you to determine the fate of our December.

We've got two great ideas, but we want YOU to tell us what you want to watch. There's a twist though: this time, we'll provide what the options are, so you can make your most informed decision. 

For our first option, Aaron and Pete will delve deeper into the Christmas Horror canon, and come up with two international versions of a killer Christmas.

Sick of horror? Sick of killer Santas? Well, then Shane Black, famous-Christmas lover, will provide our alternate option. 


Option 1: Christmas Horror, Vol. 2

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Christmas Evil

Santa's Slay



Option 2: A Very Shane Black Christmas

Lethal Weapon

Iron Man 3

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Peter Moran