We Love to Watch the news being danced at us!

OH! HEY! Youse watchers want to order a newspaper? Tough luck, flathead! Because the Newsies are on strike!

In their place is Aaron, Peter, and guest Rachel Graff, casting on the streets. In the gudder. Da trash.

You could say, it's a hard knock life. But you shouldn't, because that's a different musical, peabrain. Use ya head.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch magical date rape musicals!

Musical May marches on with special guest, Liz Lundberg!

We're talking about the much loved* musical* TEEN WITCH! We also get into the bizarre depths of why Peter doesn't like musicals. Hold on to your tap shoes; it's going to be a crazy ride.

*citation needed

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Peter Moran

We love to watch a fun-filled musical descent into fascism!

For our first entry in MUSICAL THEATER MAY, Aaron & Pete sing the praises of and lament the failures of CABARET, the 1972 Bob Fosse musical documentary and winner of 8 Oscars.

This one's a duet, with just Aaron & Pete, and the unhinged stupidity that comes out when it's just us two is in full force today.

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Peter Moran
May's Theme: May Musicals!

This month, Aaron & Pete put their feelings into song with Musical May. Aaron loves musicals; Pete hates them. So this month, we'll break down why each one of the Watchboys feels that way.

First, we're going to let the Teen Witch cast a spell on us. Featuring return guest Liz Lundberg (from our Gymkata ep).

Then, we're traveling back to pre-war Germany with Cabaret. Will Liza warm Peter's cold, musical hating heart? Probably not, but let's do it anyway.

Then, we're doing Brian DePalma's Phantom of the Paradise, the musical cult classic about a crazed record producer.

Fourthly, we go for Newsies with Rachel Graff.

Then we're wrapping things up with the Olivia Newton-John/Electric Light Orchestra musical, Xanadu. Widely reviled, but we love ELO, so we gotta give it a shot, right?

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch dogs get Hungary!

This week, Aaron & Pete take a BITE out the dog-revenge classic WHITE GOD as our final entry in Aww-paw-calypse Month! So you're used to movies like John Wick, where a person gets revenge for his dog? Hagen doesn't need no Keanu Reeves for that (though that sounds like a Good Movie too), as he takes to the streets and unites his bepawed brothers against their oppressors.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Mental Fucking Breakdowns!

Awwwwww-paw-calypse Month gallops on with our first ever double feature: 1996's THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU and 2014's LOST SOUL: THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY'S ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU.

We have so much to cover that I don't even have time to continue writing th

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Revolutions Go Bananas!

This week, Aaron & Pete get into some monkey business (uh, er, ape business?) with CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, for Aww-paw-calypse month. The animals keep rising up, and we'll keep eating it up.

We're joined by Zach Grooten, our sometimes artist and all-times friend.

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Peter Moran
April's Theme: A-paw-calypse!

For April, Aaron and Pete are going to be taking up arms with the animals and rising pup against their oppressors! 

The theme of the month is not just "when animals attack." The theme of the month is intelligent animals suffering oppression, and attempting an overthrow of their vicious human oppressors. 

Our first film is Air Bud. Please, no questions. 

Our next film is Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, the direct sequel to Escape from the Planet of the Apes and about what happens to drive the apes to finally overthrow the humans. 

After that, we're going to be tackling a different kind of oppression: scientific research on animals. We're going to be discussion both The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) and the wild making-of documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau. 

Then, we close out the month with a sort of art-house, adult take on Air Bud and other "kids bond with a pet" films: White God. 

We hope you'll join us for the revolution!

Peter Moran

Ain't no rule in the rule book says We CAN'T Love to Watch!

There ain't nothing in the rulebook that says Bridgett Taylor can't guest with Aaron and Pete to talk about the cinematic masterpiece, Air Bud.

There's nothing else worth saying when a dog is playing basketball. (Expect that you should check out

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Caligari and the Real Somnambulist! 

Aaron & Pete are joined by Sam Scott, author at, to wrap up SILENT HORROR MONTH! We talk about via title cards only.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Monk Seduction! 

Silent Horror Month marches on! But you can't hear it, because it' get the idea.

Rick Kelley joins Aaron and Peter again to jibber jabber about monsters, demons, and misogyny.

You can find Rick whenever you have a song in your heart and at


Peter Moran

We Love to Watch You Sleep! 

This week Aaron & Pete suck all the fun out of the storied classic, NOSFERATU! Rick Kelley joins us, and brings us a fun game about Murnau's grave desecration.

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We Love to Watch (?) the Dean Cain-ination! 

Dean Cain. Vanessa Williams. Wesley Snipes. Aaron Armstrong? Peter Moran?

That's right, watch lovers. We did the most future sport movie to ever future sport, Futuresport.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Arnold Discovering Ice-Related Puns! 

Peter and Aaron wrap up Future Sport month with our first Schwarzenegger movie, The Running Man!

Now, let's talk a little bit about self-control. Self-control is something critical to the survival of our species. We're living in a society! Just because you want to do something, because it will bring *you* joy, doesn't mean you should do it if it will cause harm to others.

Friends, I wish I could tell you that Aaron and Peter exhibited this self-control, and stopped themselves from doing terrible Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions. I wish I could tell you they fought the good fight. I really, truly do.

Anyway, maybe don't go to listen to this episode. It's rather a silly one.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Easily Exploding Motorcycles! 

Aaron & Pete try to please our corporate overlords with another FUTURESPORTS! entry, ROLLERBALL. James Caan stars as Jonathan E. What does that E stand for? Tune in if you want no more information on that topic!

We're joined by returning Watchboy/friend of the show, Joseph Finn. He hosts a podcast called Try It, You'll Like It that we think if you try it you'll like it.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Poorly-Lit Sex Scenes! 

Two slick Juggers, Aaron and Peter, are coming at you to bathe in The Blood of Heroes (note: think a less disgusting opening line to replace this with before publishing).

While Blood of Heroes technically counts as a Future Sport movie, it doesn't count as much as the 1998 Dean Cain starring television movie, FUTURESPORT!

This episode is fine. Since there's no guest, we'll just plug We Love To Watch, the podcast you might be listening to right now.

Peter Moran

We love to watch the final solution to the cowgirl problem! 

Aaron & Pete are making a pit-stop (oh jesus christ) to talk about DEATH RACE 2000, the movie with the automotive gladiator games and a fascist future.

We're joined by former guest, musician from the band Tin Flowers, and author, CONOR CROCKFORD, and we get a chance to chat on one of Roger Corman's greatest successes in pairing thrills and message.

To listen to Conor's band,

Tin Flowers, check out their Bandcamp!

 As well, you can

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To hear some of Conor's writing in audio format,

check out the Simply Scary Podcast episode he wrote for.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Women Exercise Their Demons! 

We wrap up Motherfuckin' Ninja Month with the Cannon classic, NINJA III: THE DOMINATION!

Dustin and Adam Koski (no relation) join Pete and Aaron to talk about Christie and Billy. If you're listening to this podcast, and your name is Billy, you better buckle up, because we're going to talk a lot of shit about someone who has the same name as you!

Check out the podcast that Adam and Dustin write for, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights!

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Children Turn into Degenerate Ninjas! 

Aaron & Pete get SHELLSHOCKED by the turtleboys this week as we take on the 1990 live action adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But first, we'll make some New Years Resolutions for you folks.

We'll answer all your turtle questions like: What's a Casey Jones? is it the same as an Elias Koteas? Are turtles people? Does Aaron know the words to the Ninja Rap? Find out!

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch a pummel horse make good on its name! 

Aaron and Peter kick off 2017 with their first entry in Motherfuckin' Ninja Month! Elizabeth Lerner joins the Watch Lovers (?) to discuss the internet's favorite movie, GYMKATA!

Let us tumble fight our way into your hearts as we discuss all your favorite Gymkata moves: the kick! the punch! and others!

So, grant us this one request and put the missile base of We Love to Watch into your ear hole.

Peter Moran