We Love to Watch Penguin Pallbearers!

Burton's Batman month continues with BATMAN RETURNS, perhaps the most horny Batman movie of all time.

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Peter Moran
BATMAN (1989)

We Love to Watch you dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight!

Our Burton Batman Month kicks off the only way we know how, with Burton's Batman movie, Batman: Dawn of the Modern Superhero Vs. Joker.

We chat about our history with the Caped Crusader (that's a classy name for Batman), and also the movie Batman, featuring the character of the Batman.

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For the final section of NOSTALGIA AUDIT month, bustin' makes us feel good with GHOSTBUSTERS II, the flawed but ultimately unfairly treated sequel to the comedy classic. 

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Peter Moran

Hope you'll forgive this interruption of Nostalgia Month, because we're celebrating our 100th episode the only way we know how:

Talking about 2017's most creechy movie, Monster Trucks! We're joined by Douglas Laman from Land of the Nerds. Thanks to all of you for helping us get to 100 episodes!

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Peter Moran

Maverick! It has Mel Gibson in it! You already know if you want to watch it.

For nostalgia month, we travel back to the old west (well, to the old television's version of the old west) to follow around a con man in a world full of con men. 

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Peter Moran

Nostalgia Month gets to the meat of the month, with the Kevin Bacon-starring, Tremors.

We're joined by our favorite dynamic duo, Dustin and Adam Koski. You can find their podcast, Vanishing Point, on ITunes,

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Disney take a gamble on a mysterious unknown, Paul Mall!

Disney is often associated with its animated features - and that's no mistake. All over its theme parks, its branding, and every media outlet, the giant associates itself with fan favorites like TInkerbell, Genie, Simba, and other animated heroes. Most of the time, their live action movies slip between the cracks of Disney history. Flight of the Navigator is just one of those Disney classics that is sadly neglected by the public - but not by Aaron Armstrong, who chose it as his pick for Nostalgia Audit month this year! Another fan of this movie as a kid is our guest, Beth Powder.

Featuring the voice of Paul Reubens, err, Paul Mall, this sci fi family film is a first for Pete Moran.

Beth makes fantastic playlists that are available on Spotify:…wcps26ril4yy#_=_

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Peter Moran
SPRING (2015)

We Love to Watch H.P. Lovecraft's EuroTrip!

Much like a relationships that can't last because one of you is a Lovercraftian monster, so too must our LOVE AND MONSTERS month comes to a close.

But we're ending with an absolute gem of a movie in 2015's Spring. See you next month for a trip down memory lane with a NOSTALGIA AUDIT MARCH.

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Peter Moran

Hey WLTW fans!

Liz Lerner and Rick Kelley are back for our second episode of our occasional podcast, POD'S NOT DEAD. We talk about movies made for Christians, by Christians, and whether they work as "movies." Spoiler alert, so far... 0 for 2.

You can find our previous episode on this very feed back in August of 2017!

Peter Moran
KING KONG (2005)

We Love to Watch... 'twas beauty killed the beast. Beauty-ful bullets

Ann Darrow is an actress, a performer, someone who knows how to put on a show. King Kong is a 25 foot gorilla who loves to smash dinosaurs. Opposites attract in this wacky 2005 remake of the classic romantic comedy, King Kong.

For Love & Monsters Month, we get to talk about a different kind of love, one that doesn't necessarily fit neatly into any specific box.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch 

LOVE AND MONSTERS month flaps its little wings, and flies along with 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula.

We're joined by Ethan Warren, who knows a little bit about making a movie with Keanu Reeves, expect for the part about Keanu Reeves (he made a movie is what we're saying).

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch.... y'know. You know. 

Aaron & Pete kick off Love & Monsters month with Guillermo Del Toro's romance-monster-drama about a woman who feels incomplete, and the "monster" who just may help with that.

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Peter Moran
LEGEND (Director's Cut)

We Love to Watch full-frontal Tim Curry!

Ridley Scott followed up the one-two punch of Alien and Blade Runner with 1986's Legend. And we're following up the one-two punch of our last two episodes with another episode, *about* the movie Legend. Coincidence?

We're covering the much improved Director's Cut, but even if you've never seen that version before, we actually do our job, and tell you what's different!

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch

David Bowie, Jim Henson, Terry Jones, George Lucas, Elaine May all worked on a fucking movie, and that fucking movie is Labyrinth.

The story of a girl taking responsibility and learning a lesson, all set in a fantasy world built out of Jim Henson's imagination. Full of illusions, tricks, jokes - not to mention great puppetry - this movie has something for kids of all ages.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch horses drown in sadness... no, not Bojack Horseman!

It's our second week of 80s fantasy month! We decided to pour you a shot and chaser, as we talk about The NeverEnding Story, and, as briefly as we can, its sequel.

We're joined by our own luck dragon, Carrie N., as we go through the magical world of Fantasia and the less magical world of also Fantasia, but shitty looking.

You can fine Carrie's work at:

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch White Knighting a Pig! 

Disney's 25th Animated Feature almost ruined the company. Overbudget, delayed multiple times, abandoned by multiple directors, hampered by producer oversight, and, perhaps worst of all, hemmed in by Disney's apprehension to sequels forcing a lot of content in a small movie. All of that makes for a trouble production, but does that make for a troubled movie? Aaron & Pete decide if The Black Cauldron is worth a shot for fans nostalgic of Disney.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch... the best movies from last year!

While all your fat cat critics friends get 'press passes" to watch new movies, the Watchboys finally caught up with the old ones!

Join us, and guest Joseph J. Finn, as we count down the best movies of 2016.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Geena Davis get a leading roll, which is unfortunately rare as women over 40 are phased out of Hollywood.

We're giving 2017 and our Very Shane Black Christmas Month the long kiss goodnight, by talking about a little movie called, Cube 2: Hypercube*

*This is a lie. It is The Long Kiss Goodnight. We're working on our honesty for our New Year's Resolution, and we're very sorry to end the year with a blatant falsehood.

You can find us on ITunes, and in the confessional.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch this movie in 2004, preferably!

Two podcasters. Aaron carries a microphone. Peter is one. He's the only podcaster on ITunes registered as a LETHAL TALKER.

We're keeping on the Shane Black Express with a stop at his first big movie, Lethal Weapon. Joining us, is writer/director Zach Grooten.

You can watch Zach's film Subletting on Vimeo (, and you can find us on ITunes, Stitcher, chained to a radiator, and Google Play.

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