Week 3 of Ladies' Fright Night Part 2 rolls on with the 1989 adaptation of Stephen King's Pet Sematary!

We're joined by Lydia Lomeli, who bring us a chance to talk about this spooky good time.

Next week, we wrap up with Near Dark!

Peter Moran

We're thrilled to be back for Part 2 of Ladies' Fright Night, the month where friends from the film group Ladies Who Dissolve pick horror movies directed by women to bring on the show and discuss.

This week, we're joined by Natalie Bucsko, and the movie Jennifer's Body (on it's 10th Anniversary)!

Natalie's awesome writing is below, and stay tuned next week for We Need to Talk About Kevin with Bridgett Taylor!…natalie-bucsko/

Peter Moran

Slugfest returns! And with it, we're bringing the sluggiest monsters of them all, Ticks, for a little movie we call (and also IMDB calls) Ticks!

Slugfest wants you to let it in, so it can burrow under you skin, and also Slugfest died on the way back to its home planet so enjoy it while it lasts.

Peter Moran
WLTW Presents: Don't You Dare! ZERO by ALES KOT

For Don't You Dare this week, we plunge into the world of comics when Pete dares Aaron to read ALES KOT'S ZERO, a spy thriller that goes places much deepier and murkier than foreign conspiracies and political intrigue. Multiverse mushrooms and psychedelic therapy abound.

You can find us on Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and inside your third eye.

Peter Moran
WLTW Presents: START TREK! Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

START TREK carries on to the third theatrical film, THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK, directed by Leonard Nimoy. We're joined by our old friend Anthony Pizzo, who you may know from his drawings or his photography or from being an all around sweetie.

Peter Moran

Apologies that this took us almost two years to get right, but sometimes we release an episode that while, some people may insist it’s a good episode, is missing that certain something special we owe our audience.

As such, we’re doing a Take 2 of our Night of the Living Dead episode, where missing host Aaron Armstrong has returned, armed with a battalion of guest hosts, and special returning guest Ethan Warren!*

So take a listen to *the* definitive Night of the Living Dead We Love To Watch Podcast episode.

*Peter died on the way back to his home planet and was not able to record.

Peter Moran
Don't You Dare, Episode 0: BLOODBORNE

Don’t You Dare!

We wrap up the Summer of Lovecraft with a special Don't You Dare episode on the Lovecratian video game, Bloodborne.

We're joined by guest Andrew Daar, as we discuss the best version of Lovecraftian fiction of all time.

Next week, we're cleaning out our archives with Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch… cat dead, details later?

Luana Saitta IS BACK and more BLOODTHIRSTY* and MERCILESS** than ever before!***

*** here's a link to her podcast!…iscussion

The Monster Island Commentaries co-host and our resident kaiju fiend is here to talk about monsters, but this time, smaller monsters generally under 6 foot tall. Lovecraft's Herbert West: Re-Animator story splits into Re-Animator and Bride of Re-Animator, directed by Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna respectively.

You can find us on Patreon on and you can find Luana at

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch know’s that it’s a witch… house

This week, we're joined by Brandon Ledet for the next set of Stuart Gordon's DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE Masters of Horror episode, as well as his movie DAGON (based on Shadow over Innsmouth) by H.P. Lovecraft.

Brandon does great work at and even has his own (wonderful) podcast!

We also have launched our Patreon! If you'd like to support us, we're at:

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Introducing... our Patreon!

Hey everyone,

Aaron & I have been proud to keep this show on for the past 3 years, and are eternally thankful for each and every one of our listeners. The show has become part of our lives in a way we never expected when we started, and has been a way for us to bond with each other, and all of you.

But, as our listenership grows, and time goes on, we realized we want to be able to support the show and keep it going for a long time. And between hosting, the site, renting the movies, etc. - costs add up. So, we’re asking you to chip in what you can, if you can, and help us keep this fun project going as long as we can.

Thank you again for listening - we truly couldn’t do this without you.

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We Love to Watch… DMT: The Movie

Summer of Lovercraft drops DMT and takes a trip with 2013’s From Beyond adaptation, Banshee Chapter!

We’re joined by guest Gary Butterfield of (Watch Out for Fireballs, Bonfireside Chat) to talk Lovecraft, Hunter S. Thompson, and MK-ULTRA (you’ll understand once you watch the movie).

You can find all of Gary’s wonderful podcasts at, join them live at Duckfest and subscribe to their patreon for even more Lovecraft discussions at their Patreon

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch that strange weather pattern rolling in, which can only be fog.

Frank Darabont's THE MIST is an adaptation of Stephen King's novella, starring Thomas Jane.

Aaron & Pete discuss it in the context of our Summer of Lovecraft.

You can find us on Stitcher, Tunein, Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, or your Podcatcher of choice.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch found out that the colour out of space is like a purple/violet? Maybe a pink?

The Summer of Lovecraft hits our first double feature, with 2010's The Color Out of Space and 1991's The Resurrected!

We're joined by Rick Kelley from

Join us next week as we take our first detour with The Mist!

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch… Hey, Aaron? Sapiosexuals are talking about LITERAL brain-boners, right?

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Presents the Summer of Lovecraft

We’re kicking off our two month Summer of Lovecraft extravaganza by sort of covering the documentary Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown, but actually talking about his stories, his monsters, and the man himself. Was Lovecraft like a super chill dude, or some sort of pathetic racist? Tune in to find out!

Join us next week as we cover our first Lovecraft adaptation, From Beyond!

Peter Moran


Week 3 of Pride Month has been gifted to us by guest Caitlin Casiello, as we discuss the 1969 Japanese New Wave masterpiece, Funeral Parade of Roses.

Join us as we discuss....quite a lot of stuff actually.

We're wrapping up the month next week with Joey Lee and But I'm a Cheerleader!

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch women do the durndest things!

PRIDE MONTH rages on with Luana Saitta, co-host of Monster Island Commentaries! We welcome Luana back, especially when she brings us movies like BOUND.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch somehow not the least sad talking rat movie?

We're kicking off Pride Month with Closet Monster, picked by guest and writer, Liam Haber.

Each week this month, the movies are picked by our guests, and we are getting off to a heck of a start with an underseen, wonderful movie.

Check out Liam's writing at

Next week we cover Bound with Luana Saitta!

Peter Moran