We Love to Watch a really bad case of Lyme disease!

Aaron and Pete continue SLUGFEST with James Gunn's SLITHER, a sluggy zombie movie about a toxic relationship and the collateral damage it causes when an alien gets involved.

We're proud to welcome Morgan Runice, who wants to plug this fun project below:

Clarissa Van Dell's Page

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch... I Pledged With A Zombie!

Slugfest 2017 rocks on with 1986's NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!

If you think I'm doing the Slugfest voice as I type this out, brother, you are right on the money.

Listen to this episode while you can; next year, all of Slugfest is going to be in the Slugest voice. One of us is going to end up hospitalized.

Curious about our Spooktober countdowns and progress? Check out our lists below!

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We Love to Watch explosions that spare no expense!

Sluggin' makes me feel good! This week, Aaron & Pete go ahead and kick off Spooktober and SLUGFEST 2017 with a kind of obvious start: Slugs, by Juan Piquer Simon. Mutated slugs are eating up a small American town, and the only people that can stop them are a sanitation worker and a health inspector. City workers: are they the real heroes? Please, look elsewhere for the answer than here.

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WLTW Presents: Hey Vern, It's a Podcast!

In our on-going goal of expanding We Love to Watch into a network, we'd like to present another pilot we've been working on, Hey Vern, It's a Podcast. This show is a labor of love between two goofs Pete Moran and Marcus Jones, who have long planned on collaborating on a show.

You might know Marcus Jones from the wonderful website/podcast Crushed Celluloid.  As well, you might know him from his appearances on our own WLTW, such as the Ghosts of Mars episode or the Silent Night, Deadly Night episode.  Or, you may even know him as the madman behind Jean-Pod Van Damme, the podcast exclusively about Jean-Claude Van Damme and his entire body of work. And finally, you may know him from being a lovely person. 

Pete Moran you might know as the co-host and co-producer of the We Love to Watch podcast and the network. 

Our goal is simple: every episode, we watch 1 Ernest movie, and 1 piece of bonus Ernest content from his show, Hey Vern, It's Ernest! We approach Ernest both with the honesty that comes with age and the affection that comes for this sweet, lovable doofus.

Our first episode is on Ernest Goes to Camp, the first in the series. This fine course will be paired with Hey Vern, It's Food! from the Hey Vern, It's Ernest! tv show. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved making it!

This project is a joint collaboration between the We Love to Watch Network and the Crushed Celluloid Network, and we're proud to partner up on this. Please let us know on either site if you have feedback. Thanks!

Peter Moran
Spooktober is here with SLUGFEST 2017!


It's the most wonderful time for some fear! 

It's time for We Love To Watch’s most sacred time of the year, Spooktober! (we’re PresyBOOtarians). Both of the Watchboys are trying to watch at least 31 new-to-us horror movies in celebration.

Here are our planned watchlists

Post your own watchlists below, or, let us know any of our picks that we should prioritize.

SLUGFEST starts next week with 1988’s SLUGS by Juan Piquer Simón. 

Then, we're going to tackle the zombie camp classic by Fred Dekker, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.

After that, we're going to watch a nice companion to Creeps, and also, one of James Gunn's first movies before he became a darling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in SLITHER. We'll be joined by Morgan Runice, first time guest!

Then, we're going to end the month with David Cronenberg's SHIVERS, aka, the Apartment Complex That Couldn't Stop Having Orgies.  

Peter Moran
September's Theme: Guest Request Month!
Guests? I guess? 

Guests? I guess? 

September is here, and you know what that means! Actually, you don't, because we've never done this theme before. Do not lie to me. 

Our theme is Guest Request! Four lovely guests come on, and each bring their own choice of what they'd like us to cover for the month, and explain why that movie means something to them. We're hoping to learn a bit about our guests, and a bit about why people get attached to certain films.

Our first film is Pump Up The Volume with Bridgett Taylor! Bridgett, Aaron and Pete all get a little weepy, so if you're in for that, jump right in. 

After that, Andrew Daar (first time guest, long time friend of the show) will be bringing the comedy classic, the "bad movie" icon, the "you gotta do this at least once if you have a movie podcast" entry for The Room

Next, Liz Lundberg will be bringing us down to our baser, more Id-level hungers with URGE! Vapin' Pierce Brosnan. 

And we close the month with 5-Timer Guest, Joseph Finn, who brings on the Cold War Technothriller Firefox. 

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Russian thought-bombs!

The year is 1982. Thermonuclear war between the Russians and the Americans could happen at any minute. The USSR has developed a stealth fighter that's faster and better than anything the US has, and listen to this: it fires bombs by thought. Seems like a dramatically terrible idea, but the US wants it anyway. And Clint Eastwood is the only one who can get it.

We're joined by Joseph Finn, in the 5 Timer Club! You can see his site here and read his write-up on mother! 

Joseph's Website!

We're on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, and directly uploaded to your brain (only available in Russian).

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Nick Thune Fight Club!

The guests don't stop coming, the requests don't stop coming, the guest request month can't stop, won't stop, and the inevitable march of time comes to take us all.

The Guest: Liz Lerner

The Request: A fucking crazy ass movie that you've probably never heard of called Urge from 2016.

The movie is on Amazon Prime. Watch it!

You can find other episodes of We Love to Watch, sometimes about movies you've heard of, on Stitcher, ITunes, TuneIn, Google Play, delivered in a suitcase by the Red Bastard and then vaped, and Soundcloud.

Peter Moran

We love to watch Oh hi podcast audience!

Oh hai, WLTW fans!

The Great Podcast Council of Haidoggy decreed that all movie podcasts must cover 2006's The Room at some point.

Little did we know that deliverer of our fate would be our good friend Andrew Daar during the holiest of months: Guest Request Month. For the sky opened, and Andrew spoketh, and yay, we have heard the call.

We can found on ITunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, being flung over the side of the roof by our best friend, and Soundcloud.

Peter Moran

We love to watch triangulation in action!

We kick off Guest Request Month with both a guest and a request!

The guest: Three-time returning champion Bridgett Taylor

The request: 1990's Pump Up the Volume

It's about high school and feeling isolated and we. get. into. it.

Check out Bridgett's Friday night radio show at

You can find us on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Soundcloud, on a pirate radio station while Christian Slater jerks off, and TuneIn.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch you can't take no more, it ain't no lie, we love to watch you out that door - baby The Hills Have Eyes!

In the late 70s, Wes Craven set out to make a grungy horror movie in the California desert. What he came out with was a bona-fied classic.

3 decades later, he decides to team up with a "hot young director" in Alexandre Aja to remake the movie. Did Aja and Craven top the original movie? Tune in to find out.

We're available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Tunein, and a broken old CB radio in the corner of your shanty.



Peter Moran

We Love to Watch... bees!

Our month on killer rednecks, KILLBILLIES VOL. 2, hikes on with the horror-comedy TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL! Two good ol' boys are heading to their summer home/fixer-upper, and run afoul of a bunch of douchebag teens and Allison, a nice teen. Through comic mishaps, the teens and the boys both think they're hunting each other.

We're joined by Carrie N., filmmaker, archival researcher, and all around not a murderer. Find her work below!

Carrie's Vimeo Page!

The Long Strange Trip, the Grateful Dead Doc, on Amazon Prime!

You can find us on Soundcloud, Stitcher, Tunein, iTunes, and on an old gramaphone in the corner of that creepy old cabin.

Peter Moran
WLTW Network presents its very first spin-off with POD'S NOT DEAD

We Love To Watch Presents...

Pod's Not Dead!

Hey WLTW fans,

Peter and Aaron recorded a pilot with frequent WLTW guests, Rick Kelley and Liz Lundberg around movies made by Christians, for Christians.

There's more details on the show, as to the concept and how we plan to cover these movies.

We'll start things at the end of the world with LEFT BEHIND. The Kirk Cameron one. The rascally blowhard who just won't go away made this movie as an attempt to marry an evangelical vision of the Rapture with big action spectacle. How did he fare? Tune in to find out. 

Like the show? For now, this is just a pilot, but let us know what you think below or on our Facebook! We just might make more of these...

We Love To Watch resumes next week with Tucker and Dale VS. Evil with Carrie N.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch carnival cover-ups!

For our second week of KILLBILLIES VOL. 2, we tackle a movie that should really be called HavingABlastHouse: Tobe Hooper's 1981 film, THE FUNHOUSE.

Why we having such a jolly good time at the laugh-a-minute house? That's because we're joined by Fun Brothers themselves, Dustin and Adam Koski.

Psst...lean in. We have fun. But do you want to have a really good time? Why don't you head over to Amazon dot com and buy Dustin and Adam's book:…kB85pL&ref=plSrch

If you want to hear more of Aaron and Pete, you can find us on ITunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, contorted to fit in a mine cart, and TuneIn.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Crocodile Dundee's gritty reboot!

We kick off KILLBILLIES Vol. 2, our redneck killer hillbilly month, by going international with our killbillies! Australia's Greg McLean directed an outback horror drama and introduced the world to Mick Taylor, the terrifying opposite of Crocodile Dundee. A charmer and a killer in one, Mick Taylor went on to lead a franchise - and we talk about how weird that is.

Amanda Lett joins us again!

You can hear us on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, or deep in the running whine of a chainsaw.

Peter Moran
August's Theme: Killbillies, Vol. 2!

Howdy y'all. Grits. 

Every August, as the hot days of summer wind to a close, we cover a little topic we like to call redneck horror, otherwise known as "Killbillies." This year, we're throwing FIVE killer hillbillies episodes atcha'. Our goal is to talk about the mechanics of these movies, why the underclassed and rural scare so many filmgoers, and whether or not the movie has anything to say about that. Contrary to the name and some of the lingo we use, we're going to actually attempt to look for the humanity in these strange characters who society cast off as outsiders. Let's see how it goes!

We start the month by going international with Greg McLean's WOLF CREEK, a modern, more-grounded take on the genre than we've covered before. Based on a couple real life incidents, Amanda Lett will be returning to the show and bringing some of the background that helped craft this movie!

After that, we're going down to the carnival with Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE, our first killer clown movie (somehow?). We're going to be joined by Dustin Koski & Adam Koski.

After that, we're going to be tackling TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL with first timer Carrie N.! We're going to try to lighten the month up a bit with some thoughtful parody of the genre, the tropes, and even offer some humanity on those boys from the woods that scare the city slickers and suburbanites so much. 

Then, Aaron and Pete will wrap the month up with a mutated-head-to-mutated-head battle on THE HILLS HAVE EYES. We're covering both the original by Wes Craven AND the remake by Alexandre Aja. 

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch space cops have to use their AK today, I guess it was a good day today? Or something like that?

I could sleep.

I could sleep.

When I mined on Mars, is there a ghost in my cave? My caaaaavvvvveeeeeeee....

We wrap up Carping About Carpenter Month with the definitive answer: Yes.

But we couldn't have done it without the help of Marcus Jones from

You can find us on ITunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, a dust cloud waiting to posses your ears, and TuneIn.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Snake Plisskin... razzle-dazzle!

In our next entry about CARPING ABOUT CARPENTER, Snake is BACK, and this time, he surfs!

In the controversial sequel to Escape from New York, Snake is again tasked with going into a prison city to recover something - this time, a doomsday weapon in the hands of an international terrorist.

We're joined by Tom Peeler, of Sycamore Street studios, and of the YouTube series Mise en Game.

You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, or your own personal hologram devices.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch A  M E S S A G E   F R O M   T H E   Y E A R   1 9 9 9 

You still have time. You can change things. By hitting play on this podcast. You can stop the anti-WLTW.

If you do, you will be treated to the second week of Carping About Carpenter, and the movie PRINCE OF DARKNESS.

The guest? Eric Galliani. The hosts? Sure. Can't get rid of them. They're like an infestation.

And don't forget to check out Eric's production company,

You can check us out at Soundcloud, ITunes, TuneIn, hidden inside a homeless man delivering a message of doom, and Stitcher.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Sam Neil go crazy! No, not that movie. No, not that one. Yeah, that one!

In our first entry of CARPING ABOUT CARPENTER month, John Carpenter channels the popularity of Stephen King, the themes of Lovecraft, and the "very good at playing crazy" of Sam Neil. We spend a lot of time on this one, folks, so settle in.

This week, we're joined by Ryan Boland, a close friend of the show and previous guest on the Southland Tales episode!

Thank you for listening! You can find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, and prehistoric stone tablets that will drive you mad.

Peter Moran