We Love to Watch Aaron succumb to an infection caused by a mysterious bite...

A thing came from the treeline. At first we thought it was just some drunk who got lost in the backwoods, so we tried not to look. But he came right for us. Right for us. And he got Aaron. Right on his arm. We managed to get away - the guy was slow, clumsy - but Aaron's not responding. So it looks like Marcus Jones of Crushed Celluloid/Jean-Pod Van Damme is going to have to step up and take control.

This week, We Love to Watch, will talk NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, one of the most important horror movies of all time, and the first entry in our George A. Romero tribute month.

We're joined by the multi-talented Ethan Warren - author, playwright, filmmaker, and all-around Good Boy.

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Peter Moran