Spooktober is here with SLUGFEST 2017!



It's the most wonderful time for some fear! 

It's time for We Love To Watch’s most sacred time of the year, Spooktober! (we’re PresyBOOtarians). Both of the Watchboys are trying to watch at least 31 new-to-us horror movies in celebration.

Here are our planned watchlists

Post your own watchlists below, or, let us know any of our picks that we should prioritize.

SLUGFEST starts next week with 1988’s SLUGS by Juan Piquer Simón. 

Then, we're going to tackle the zombie camp classic by Fred Dekker, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.

After that, we're going to watch a nice companion to Creeps, and also, one of James Gunn's first movies before he became a darling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in SLITHER. We'll be joined by Morgan Runice, first time guest!

Then, we're going to end the month with David Cronenberg's SHIVERS, aka, the Apartment Complex That Couldn't Stop Having Orgies.  

Peter Moran