September's Theme: Guest Request Month!

Guests? I guess? 

Guests? I guess? 

September is here, and you know what that means! Actually, you don't, because we've never done this theme before. Do not lie to me. 

Our theme is Guest Request! Four lovely guests come on, and each bring their own choice of what they'd like us to cover for the month, and explain why that movie means something to them. We're hoping to learn a bit about our guests, and a bit about why people get attached to certain films.

Our first film is Pump Up The Volume with Bridgett Taylor! Bridgett, Aaron and Pete all get a little weepy, so if you're in for that, jump right in. 

After that, Andrew Daar (first time guest, long time friend of the show) will be bringing the comedy classic, the "bad movie" icon, the "you gotta do this at least once if you have a movie podcast" entry for The Room

Next, Liz Lundberg will be bringing us down to our baser, more Id-level hungers with URGE! Vapin' Pierce Brosnan. 

And we close the month with 5-Timer Guest, Joseph Finn, who brings on the Cold War Technothriller Firefox. 

Peter Moran