WLTW Network presents its very first spin-off with POD'S NOT DEAD

We Love To Watch Presents...

Pod's Not Dead!

Hey WLTW fans,

Peter and Aaron recorded a pilot with frequent WLTW guests, Rick Kelley and Liz Lundberg around movies made by Christians, for Christians.

There's more details on the show, as to the concept and how we plan to cover these movies.

We'll start things at the end of the world with LEFT BEHIND. The Kirk Cameron one. The rascally blowhard who just won't go away made this movie as an attempt to marry an evangelical vision of the Rapture with big action spectacle. How did he fare? Tune in to find out. 

Like the show? For now, this is just a pilot, but let us know what you think below or on our Facebook! We just might make more of these...

We Love To Watch resumes next week with Tucker and Dale VS. Evil with Carrie N.

Peter Moran