August's Theme: Killbillies, Vol. 2!

Howdy y'all. Grits. 

Every August, as the hot days of summer wind to a close, we cover a little topic we like to call redneck horror, otherwise known as "Killbillies." This year, we're throwing FIVE killer hillbillies episodes atcha'. Our goal is to talk about the mechanics of these movies, why the underclassed and rural scare so many filmgoers, and whether or not the movie has anything to say about that. Contrary to the name and some of the lingo we use, we're going to actually attempt to look for the humanity in these strange characters who society cast off as outsiders. Let's see how it goes!

We start the month by going international with Greg McLean's WOLF CREEK, a modern, more-grounded take on the genre than we've covered before. Based on a couple real life incidents, Amanda Lett will be returning to the show and bringing some of the background that helped craft this movie!

After that, we're going down to the carnival with Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE, our first killer clown movie (somehow?). We're going to be joined by Dustin Koski & Adam Koski.

After that, we're going to be tackling TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL with first timer Carrie N.! We're going to try to lighten the month up a bit with some thoughtful parody of the genre, the tropes, and even offer some humanity on those boys from the woods that scare the city slickers and suburbanites so much. 

Then, Aaron and Pete will wrap the month up with a mutated-head-to-mutated-head battle on THE HILLS HAVE EYES. We're covering both the original by Wes Craven AND the remake by Alexandre Aja. 

Peter Moran