We love to watch good actors burn up on re-entry!

"Get your ass to Mars." - John F Kennedy

From the earliest days of our species, we looked up at the sky and saw a red marble staring back at us. We waited to go. Waited until our best were ready. Finally, they were: Tom Sizemore and Gary Sinise.

What was their conveyance? The second week of DOUBLE TROUBLE month!

Peter and Aaron get a double dose of double trouble when Douglas Laman AND Michael Guarnieri help them cover RED PLANET and MISSION TO MARS.

You can find Douglas's excellent film writing at www.landofthenerds.blogspot.com

Both Michael and Doug write for www.the-solute.com

You can find Michael's essay in the book The Oliver Stone Experience by Matt Zoller-Seitz.

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Peter Moran