June kicks off with a surprise episode. Aaron is on vacation in Mexico, and Pete decides to ambush him with a special episode to talk about... Futuresport? Again? 

Then, we move diligently into our theme, which is DOUBLE TROUBLE. Two movies from the same time (sometimes even the same year!) tackling similar subjects and are frequently confused for one another go head to head. We choose which one we think is worthier, where each one succeeds where the other fails, and ultimately which one we were gladder to have watched.

After that, Anthony Pizzo joins us for a double-header of LITTLE BIG LEAGUE and ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! The "kids join a professional baseball team" movies of the early 90s square off. 

Then, we get our asses to Mars with Brian DePalma's MISSION TO MARS and some dude's RED PLANET! Who will win in the battle between the technically proficient, more optimistic space movie, versus the trashier Killer Robots on Mars one? 

And then we will round out the month with an undersea adventure of LEVIATHAN versus DEEPSTAR SIX. The two Alien-like scifi horror movies about a team of professionals taking on an alien of the deep. 

Peter Moran