The people have spoken! July's Theme is CARPING ABOUT CARPENTER

You voted, and we abide! July's LISTENER-CHOSEN THEME is CARPING ABOUT CARPENTER, the "lesser" works of John Carpenter. We'll be taking on four works that do not get the love that say, Halloween, The Thing, They Live, and Big Trouble in Little China get. Don't worry, we'll get to all of those - we've already done The Thing!  

But in the interest of bringing you movies that just don't get the same coverage as those classics, and definitely not in the We Love to Watch way, we wanted to take on some different options. These are works that are maligned, critically or commercially, and just don't get their due on these sort of podcasts.

First off, let's get this out of the way: friend of the show and Nerd in the Basement, Douglas Laman is our randomly chosen winner this month! He'll be receiving a copy of Pulp Fiction on Bluray.

Our first will be IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS, Carpenter's riff on Lovecraftian horror and the pulp paperback horror boom of guys like Stephen King, Dean Koontz and such. Guesting will be Pete's buddy Ryan Boland, back from our Southland Tales ep

We'll also be covering ESCAPE FROM LA, Carpenter's satiric follow-up to Escape from New York. Aaron thinks it's better than NY, because Aaron is a dingbat. Let's watch what happens. We'll be joined by Tom Peeler of many things, including Sycamore Street Studios, his production company, and the Rescuers Down Under ep.

After that, we'll be doing PRINCE OF DARKNESS with Eric Galliani, first timer on the show and friend of the show. Another example of Carpenter doing cosmic horror, but in his own way with his own feelings about Catholicism. 

And we'll go ahead and wrap the month up with another Mars movie after last month's Mission to Mars/Red Planet versus battle with GHOSTS OF MARS, a movie only Peter loves and that's it. He'll try to convince you that it's actually good.Oh, and we'll be joined by the lovely Marcus Jones of Crushed Celluloid, the lovely website and podcast. He also runs a tremendous, Jean-Claude Van Damme podcast, aptly named Jean-Pod Van Damme. Marcus returns from our Silent Night, Deadly Night ep.

Thanks again for participating in our poll, and make sure to look at our site for more polls, more prizes.

Peter Moran