We love to watch good actors burn up on re-entry!

"Get your ass to Mars." - John F Kennedy

From the earliest days of our species, we looked up at the sky and saw a red marble staring back at us. We waited to go. Waited until our best were ready. Finally, they were: Tom Sizemore and Gary Sinise.

What was their conveyance? The second week of DOUBLE TROUBLE month!

Peter and Aaron get a double dose of double trouble when Douglas Laman AND Michael Guarnieri help them cover RED PLANET and MISSION TO MARS.

You can find Douglas's excellent film writing at www.landofthenerds.blogspot.com

Both Michael and Doug write for www.the-solute.com

You can find Michael's essay in the book The Oliver Stone Experience by Matt Zoller-Seitz.

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Peter Moran
The people have spoken! July's Theme is CARPING ABOUT CARPENTER

You voted, and we abide! July's LISTENER-CHOSEN THEME is CARPING ABOUT CARPENTER, the "lesser" works of John Carpenter. We'll be taking on four works that do not get the love that say, Halloween, The Thing, They Live, and Big Trouble in Little China get. Don't worry, we'll get to all of those - we've already done The Thing!  

But in the interest of bringing you movies that just don't get the same coverage as those classics, and definitely not in the We Love to Watch way, we wanted to take on some different options. These are works that are maligned, critically or commercially, and just don't get their due on these sort of podcasts.

First off, let's get this out of the way: friend of the show and Nerd in the Basement, Douglas Laman is our randomly chosen winner this month! He'll be receiving a copy of Pulp Fiction on Bluray.

Our first will be IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS, Carpenter's riff on Lovecraftian horror and the pulp paperback horror boom of guys like Stephen King, Dean Koontz and such. Guesting will be Pete's buddy Ryan Boland, back from our Southland Tales ep

We'll also be covering ESCAPE FROM LA, Carpenter's satiric follow-up to Escape from New York. Aaron thinks it's better than NY, because Aaron is a dingbat. Let's watch what happens. We'll be joined by Tom Peeler of many things, including Sycamore Street Studios, his production company, and the Rescuers Down Under ep.

After that, we'll be doing PRINCE OF DARKNESS with Eric Galliani, first timer on the show and friend of the show. Another example of Carpenter doing cosmic horror, but in his own way with his own feelings about Catholicism. 

And we'll go ahead and wrap the month up with another Mars movie after last month's Mission to Mars/Red Planet versus battle with GHOSTS OF MARS, a movie only Peter loves and that's it. He'll try to convince you that it's actually good.Oh, and we'll be joined by the lovely Marcus Jones of Crushed Celluloid, the lovely website and podcast. He also runs a tremendous, Jean-Claude Van Damme podcast, aptly named Jean-Pod Van Damme. Marcus returns from our Silent Night, Deadly Night ep.

Thanks again for participating in our poll, and make sure to look at our site for more polls, more prizes.

Peter Moran

June kicks off with a surprise episode. Aaron is on vacation in Mexico, and Pete decides to ambush him with a special episode to talk about... Futuresport? Again? 

Then, we move diligently into our theme, which is DOUBLE TROUBLE. Two movies from the same time (sometimes even the same year!) tackling similar subjects and are frequently confused for one another go head to head. We choose which one we think is worthier, where each one succeeds where the other fails, and ultimately which one we were gladder to have watched.

After that, Anthony Pizzo joins us for a double-header of LITTLE BIG LEAGUE and ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! The "kids join a professional baseball team" movies of the early 90s square off. 

Then, we get our asses to Mars with Brian DePalma's MISSION TO MARS and some dude's RED PLANET! Who will win in the battle between the technically proficient, more optimistic space movie, versus the trashier Killer Robots on Mars one? 

And then we will round out the month with an undersea adventure of LEVIATHAN versus DEEP STAR SIX. The two Alien-like scifi horror movies about a team of professionals taking on an alien of the deep. 

Peter Moran

It's great day here in the heart of podcast country. The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky; what a day for a PODCAST EPISODE!

Double Trouble month takes the mound with the one-two pitch of Rookie of the Year and Little Big League! But big slugger Anthony Pizzo is up at bat, and ready to to knock this one out of the park. Other clever baseball references.

You can find Anthony's photography and art on Instagram at @atpizzo and @pizzo_cartoons.

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Peter Moran

We promised you a break from more episodes this week. SURPRISE, we actually went back and did another episode on Futuresport, to meet listener demand (citation needed).

Pete called up Aaron on vacation, and... well, let's see how this goes. And always remember: dead men get nada.

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Peter Moran

Aaron and Pete finish up MUSICAL MAY with Xanadu, a film with Olivia Newton-John and ELO and Gene Kelly in it. That's... all I can say.

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Peter Moran

We love to peer from the rafters!

We made a deal with the devil, and found ourselves joined, once again, by Adam and Dustin Koski, or "The Broskis" for short.

We're hitting the high note of Musical May with Brian DePalma's Phantom of the Paradise. Will Peter finally like a goddamn musical? Will the sweet Paul Williams snuggle Peter's angry heart down with his sweet melodies?

Maybe stop reading a podcast description and find out for yourself.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch the news being danced at us!

OH! HEY! Youse watchers want to order a newspaper? Tough luck, flathead! Because the Newsies are on strike!

In their place is Aaron, Peter, and guest Rachel Graff, casting on the streets. In the gudder. Da trash.

You could say, it's a hard knock life. But you shouldn't, because that's a different musical, peabrain. Use ya head.

We're available on ITunes, Stitcher, Yankee Stadium, certain hot dog stands, and Soundcloud.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch magical date rape musicals!

Musical May marches on with special guest, Liz Lundberg!

We're talking about the much loved* musical* TEEN WITCH! We also get into the bizarre depths of why Peter doesn't like musicals. Hold on to your tap shoes; it's going to be a crazy ride.

*citation needed

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Peter Moran

We love to watch a fun-filled musical descent into fascism!

For our first entry in MUSICAL THEATER MAY, Aaron & Pete sing the praises of and lament the failures of CABARET, the 1972 Bob Fosse musical documentary and winner of 8 Oscars.

This one's a duet, with just Aaron & Pete, and the unhinged stupidity that comes out when it's just us two is in full force today.

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Peter Moran
May's Theme: May Musicals!

This month, Aaron & Pete put their feelings into song with Musical May. Aaron loves musicals; Pete hates them. So this month, we'll break down why each one of the Watchboys feels that way.

First, we're going to let the Teen Witch cast a spell on us. Featuring return guest Liz Lundberg (from our Gymkata ep).

Then, we're traveling back to pre-war Germany with Cabaret. Will Liza warm Peter's cold, musical hating heart? Probably not, but let's do it anyway.

Then, we're doing Brian DePalma's Phantom of the Paradisethe musical cult classic about a crazed record producer.

Fourthly, we go for Newsies with Rachel Graff.

Then we're wrapping things up with the Olivia Newton-John/Electric Light Orchestra musical, Xanadu. Widely reviled, but we love ELO, so we gotta give it a shot, right?

As well, make sure to vote in our July poll. 

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch dogs get Hungary!

This week, Aaron & Pete take a BITE out the dog-revenge classic WHITE GOD as our final entry in Aww-paw-calypse Month! So you're used to movies like John Wick, where a person gets revenge for his dog? Hagen doesn't need no Keanu Reeves for that (though that sounds like a Good Movie too), as he takes to the streets and unites his bepawed brothers against their oppressors.

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Mental Fucking Breakdowns!

Awwwwww-paw-calypse Month gallops on with our first ever double feature: 1996's THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU and 2014's LOST SOUL: THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY'S ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU.

We have so much to cover that I don't even have time to continue writing th

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Revolutions Go Bananas!

This week, Aaron & Pete get into some monkey business (uh, er, ape business?) with CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, for Aww-paw-calypse month. The animals keep rising up, and we'll keep eating it up.

We're joined by Zach Grooten, our sometimes artist and all-times friend.

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Peter Moran
April's Theme: A-paw-calypse!

For April, Aaron and Pete are going to be taking up arms with the animals and rising pup against their oppressors! 

The theme of the month is not just "when animals attack." The theme of the month is intelligent animals suffering oppression, and attempting an overthrow of their vicious human oppressors. 

Our first film is Air Bud. Please, no questions. 

Our next film is Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, the direct sequel to Escape from the Planet of the Apes and about what happens to drive the apes to finally overthrow the humans. 

After that, we're going to be tackling a different kind of oppression: scientific research on animals. We're going to be discussion both The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) and the wild making-of documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau. 

Then, we close out the month with a sort of art-house, adult take on Air Bud and other "kids bond with a pet" films: White God. 

We hope you'll join us for the revolution!

Peter Moran

Ain't no rule in the rule book says We CAN'T Love to Watch!

There ain't nothing in the rulebook that says Bridgett Taylor can't guest with Aaron and Pete to talk about the cinematic masterpiece, Air Bud.

There's nothing else worth saying when a dog is playing basketball. (Expect that you should check out royaltonradio.com).

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Caligari and the Real Somnambulist! 

Aaron & Pete are joined by Sam Scott, author at The-Solute.com, to wrap up SILENT HORROR MONTH! We talk about via title cards only.

Check us out on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, Soundcloud, and your podcatcher of choice.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Monk Seduction! 

Silent Horror Month marches on! But you can't hear it, because it's...you get the idea.

Rick Kelley joins Aaron and Peter again to jibber jabber about monsters, demons, and misogyny.

You can find Rick whenever you have a song in your heart and at



Peter Moran

We Love to Watch You Sleep! 

This week Aaron & Pete suck all the fun out of the storied classic, NOSFERATU! Rick Kelley joins us, and brings us a fun game about Murnau's grave desecration.

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