We Love to Watch white-washing be redeemed!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful/

But Shane Black's movies are delightful /

And since, why the fuck not? /

It's A Very Merry Shane Black Christmas on We Love To Watch!

We're kicking it off with Iron Man 3, and joined by Land of the Nerd's Douglas Laman.

If you like the MCU, buckle up, because we'll probably never talk about it again!

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We love to Watch... Aaron, you alright buddy?

Aaron & Pete conclude our tribute month to the late great George A. Romero with Land of the Dead. Just the two watchboys this week, so we might better protect our sweet precious angel Land of the Dead. It really tries so hard, and you just have to give it a chance.

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WLTW Presents: Hey Vern, it's a Podcast! ERNEST GOES TO JAIL
HeyVern_V1 500x500.jpeg

Marcus Jones (Crushed Celluloid, Jean-Pod Van Damme) and Pete Moran continue their limited run series for the WLTW network, Hey Vern, it's a Podcast! with ERNEST GOES TO JAIL.

You can find us at and

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We Love to Watch... the jocks vs. the nerds in this laugh-a-minute 80s comedy!

Some days are Thursday. Sometimes, Monday. Others, the Days of our Lives. Very rarely, you can be In Between Days.

But there's only one, DAY OF THE DEAD. Thankfully, there's two Koski brothers, Dustin and Adam and we got 'em both to talk about George Romero's third entry in his dead series.

Make sure and check out the Koski's new podcast, The Vanishing Point, on ITunes.

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When there's no more room on the radio, the dead will start a podcast.

Our Romero month continues with Dawn of the Dead, the movie that proves that sometimes it's best to hit the snooze button first thing in the morning (*canned studio laughter*)

We're joined by special guest star, Salim Garami, who knows what happens when it's truly morning in America....for zombies. (*light studio chuckles*)

So grab your Mall Talk game and join us! (*studio audience asks to be moved to Fallon*)

You can check out Salim's great work and writing at: 


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We Love to Watch Aaron succumb to an infection caused by a mysterious bite...

A thing came from the treeline. At first we thought it was just some drunk who got lost in the backwoods, so we tried not to look. But he came right for us. Right for us. And he got Aaron. Right on his arm. We managed to get away - the guy was slow, clumsy - but Aaron's not responding. So it looks like Marcus Jones of Crushed Celluloid/Jean-Pod Van Damme is going to have to step up and take control.

This week, We Love to Watch, will talk NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, one of the most important horror movies of all time, and the first entry in our George A. Romero tribute month.

We're joined by the multi-talented Ethan Warren - author, playwright, filmmaker, and all-around Good Boy.

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Peter Moran
DECEMBER POLL: Shane Black Christmas Vs. Christmas Horror

For our second public poll on We Love to Watch, we're reaching out to you to determine the fate of our December.

We've got two great ideas, but we want YOU to tell us what you want to watch. There's a twist though: this time, we'll provide what the options are, so you can make your most informed decision. 

For our first option, Aaron and Pete will delve deeper into the Christmas Horror canon, and come up with two international versions of a killer Christmas.

Sick of horror? Sick of killer Santas? Well, then Shane Black, famous-Christmas lover, will provide our alternate option. 


Option 1: Christmas Horror, Vol. 2

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Christmas Evil

Santa's Slay



Option 2: A Very Shane Black Christmas

Lethal Weapon

Iron Man 3

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Peter Moran
Our RESIDENT EVIL Halloween Spooktacular!

We love to watch corporate zombies!... No, literal corporate zombies.

For our Spooktacular Spooktober Special, Aaron & Pete will discuss... a video game?

In a WLTW first, we'll be discussing the original Resident Evil game (well, actually the 2002 remake), the script that George A. Romero tried to get made adapting that, and the Paul W.S. Anderson adaptation we actually got. Would George have done the original more justice? has the game gotten a decent adaptation yet?

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Peter Moran

We Love to Watch the movie that got David Cronenberg evicted!

We are sad to report that Slugfest has passed away, at the ripe old age of four weeks.

This recording is the last time Aaron and Peter will speak in the language of the gods, The Slugfest voice.

In lieu of flowers, please listen to our episode on David Cronenberg's Shivers.

You can find us on ITunes, Google Music, TuneIn, Stitcher, heading to the city to infect the residents, and Soundcloud.

Peter Moran
Spooktober is here with SLUGFEST 2017!


It's the most wonderful time for some fear! 

It's time for We Love To Watch’s most sacred time of the year, Spooktober! (we’re PresyBOOtarians). Both of the Watchboys are trying to watch at least 31 new-to-us horror movies in celebration. As well, we have a whole slew of spooky surprises to celebrate the monster wonderful time of the year! 

SLUGFEST starts next week with 1988’s SLUGS by Juan Piquer Simón. 

Then, we're going to tackle the zombie camp classic by Fred Dekker, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS.

After that, we're going to watch a nice companion to Creeps, and also, one of James Gunn's first movies before he became a darling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in SLITHER. We'll be joined by Morgan Runice, first time guest!

Then, we're going to end SLUGFEST with David Cronenberg's SHIVERS, aka, the Apartment Complex That Couldn't Stop Having Orgies. 

Like all good things, Slugfest must then come to an end, and with it, Spooktober...



We've got two more Spooky surprises for your Spooktober listening!

The first is Ernest Scared Stupid, for WLTW Presents: Hey Vern, It's a Podcast with Marcus Jones, and this time - featuring our own Aaron Armstrong as guest.

Then, we will finally cap our month with a Spooktober Special that will transition us into the George A. Romero Memorial Month in November - we're doing a three-way Spooktober Halloween Special that covers:

1. Resident Evil (2002) - the original horror game, remade with shinier graphics and some new content. See where the franchise all began. 

2. The script by George A. Romero and Peter Grumwald adapting that game.

3. The Paul W.S. Anderson adaptation of the source, Resident Evil. 

We're going to compare and contrast the source of Resident Evil and its two adaptations.

Here are what Aaron and I are watching on our own this month:

Happy Halloween, slugs and slugettes!

Peter Moran
WLTW Presents: Hey Vern, it's a Podcast! ERNEST SCARED STUPID

Hey Vern, It's a Podcast!


Episode two of Hey Vern, it's a Podcast is out now, and this week we're joined by WLTW co-host, Aaron Armstrong. 

This is Aaron's first Ernest movie, and let's just say he's not impressed. Can Marcus and Pete convince Aaron to live, laugh, and love Ernest P. Worrell? Or will our mighty heroes fall to the tyranny of a bad opinion haver? Tune in to find out!

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch a really bad case of Lyme disease!

Aaron and Pete continue SLUGFEST with James Gunn's SLITHER, a sluggy zombie movie about a toxic relationship and the collateral damage it causes when an alien gets involved.

We're proud to welcome Morgan Runice, who wants to plug this fun project below:

Clarissa Van Dell's Page

You can find us on Stitcher, Tunein, iTunes, and in the mass-consciousness of an alien slug race.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch... I Pledged With A Zombie!

Slugfest 2017 rocks on with 1986's NIGHT OF THE CREEPS!

If you think I'm doing the Slugfest voice as I type this out, brother, you are right on the money.

Listen to this episode while you can; next year, all of Slugfest is going to be in the Slugest voice. One of us is going to end up hospitalized.

Curious about our Spooktober countdowns and progress? Check out our lists below!

You can find us on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Music, Soundcloud, exploding out of Tom Atkins' skull, and TuneIn.

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch explosions that spare no expense!

Sluggin' makes me feel good! This week, Aaron & Pete go ahead and kick off Spooktober and SLUGFEST 2017 with a kind of obvious start: Slugs, by Juan Piquer Simon. Mutated slugs are eating up a small American town, and the only people that can stop them are a sanitation worker and a health inspector. City workers: are they the real heroes? Please, look elsewhere for the answer than here.

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Peter Moran
WLTW Presents: Hey Vern, It's a Podcast!

In our on-going goal of expanding We Love to Watch into a network, we'd like to present another pilot we've been working on, Hey Vern, It's a Podcast. This show is a labor of love between two goofs Pete Moran and Marcus Jones, who have long planned on collaborating on a show.

You might know Marcus Jones from the wonderful website/podcast Crushed Celluloid.  As well, you might know him from his appearances on our own WLTW, such as the Ghosts of Mars episode or the Silent Night, Deadly Night episode.  Or, you may even know him as the madman behind Jean-Pod Van Damme, the podcast exclusively about Jean-Claude Van Damme and his entire body of work. And finally, you may know him from being a lovely person. 

Pete Moran you might know as the co-host and co-producer of the We Love to Watch podcast and the network. 

Our goal is simple: every episode, we watch 1 Ernest movie, and 1 piece of bonus Ernest content from his show, Hey Vern, It's Ernest! We approach Ernest both with the honesty that comes with age and the affection that comes for this sweet, lovable doofus.

Our first episode is on Ernest Goes to Camp, the first in the series. This fine course will be paired with Hey Vern, It's Food! from the Hey Vern, It's Ernest! tv show. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we loved making it!

This project is a joint collaboration between the We Love to Watch Network and the Crushed Celluloid Network, and we're proud to partner up on this. Please let us know on either site if you have feedback. Thanks!

Peter Moran
September's Theme: Guest Request Month!
Guests? I guess? 

Guests? I guess? 

September is here, and you know what that means! Actually, you don't, because we've never done this theme before. Do not lie to me. 

Our theme is Guest Request! Four lovely guests come on, and each bring their own choice of what they'd like us to cover for the month, and explain why that movie means something to them. We're hoping to learn a bit about our guests, and a bit about why people get attached to certain films.

Our first film is Pump Up The Volume with Bridgett Taylor! Bridgett, Aaron and Pete all get a little weepy, so if you're in for that, jump right in. 

After that, Andrew Daar (first time guest, long time friend of the show) will be bringing the comedy classic, the "bad movie" icon, the "you gotta do this at least once if you have a movie podcast" entry for The Room

Next, Liz Lundberg will be bringing us down to our baser, more Id-level hungers with URGE! Vapin' Pierce Brosnan. 

And we close the month with 5-Timer Guest, Joseph Finn, who brings on the Cold War Technothriller Firefox. 

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Russian thought-bombs!

The year is 1982. Thermonuclear war between the Russians and the Americans could happen at any minute. The USSR has developed a stealth fighter that's faster and better than anything the US has, and listen to this: it fires bombs by thought. Seems like a dramatically terrible idea, but the US wants it anyway. And Clint Eastwood is the only one who can get it.

We're joined by Joseph Finn, in the 5 Timer Club! You can see his site here and read his write-up on mother! 

Joseph's Website!

We're on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, and directly uploaded to your brain (only available in Russian).

Peter Moran

We Love to Watch Nick Thune Fight Club!

The guests don't stop coming, the requests don't stop coming, the guest request month can't stop, won't stop, and the inevitable march of time comes to take us all.

The Guest: Liz Lerner

The Request: A fucking crazy ass movie that you've probably never heard of called Urge from 2016.

The movie is on Amazon Prime. Watch it!

You can find other episodes of We Love to Watch, sometimes about movies you've heard of, on Stitcher, ITunes, TuneIn, Google Play, delivered in a suitcase by the Red Bastard and then vaped, and Soundcloud.

Peter Moran

We love to watch Oh hi podcast audience!

Oh hai, WLTW fans!

The Great Podcast Council of Haidoggy decreed that all movie podcasts must cover 2006's The Room at some point.

Little did we know that deliverer of our fate would be our good friend Andrew Daar during the holiest of months: Guest Request Month. For the sky opened, and Andrew spoketh, and yay, we have heard the call.

We can found on ITunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, being flung over the side of the roof by our best friend, and Soundcloud.

Peter Moran

We love to watch triangulation in action!

We kick off Guest Request Month with both a guest and a request!

The guest: Three-time returning champion Bridgett Taylor

The request: 1990's Pump Up the Volume

It's about high school and feeling isolated and we. get. into. it.

Check out Bridgett's Friday night radio show at

You can find us on ITunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Soundcloud, on a pirate radio station while Christian Slater jerks off, and TuneIn.

Peter Moran